TMBTSD Discography and Track Sample

Darling, While You Sleep: When I met Emmer in December 2012 she re-inspired me and showed me a new and beautiful future. Neither of us knew she was to leave so soon. When Emmer passed away it was important to me to embrace the knowledge that she wanted nothing but the best for me, and that I had to carry on with my life and live well without her. This was the inspiration for this song. The spoken word piece at the end of this track, performed by Emmer herself, was originally recorded for a different project conceptualised by Richard Anderson and is used here by his kind permission. Both musically and thematically it fits perfectly.

When The Bullshit Shows: I was already working on the other tracks for this EP when I stumbled upon an old cassette demo of this song from circa 2002. It was a simple synchronicity. I’d moved into a small apartment in Wellington. I had a bunch of old cassettes that were taking up space. I decided to listen to them before I threw them out just in case there was something good on them. On one of them I found this old demo I’d completely forgotten about. The original demo opens this track - and then Nev & I build upon it.

Killing The Past: I wrote this at the time I was leaving Sasquatch Studio to move permanently to Wellington. It was a parting from friends and from the musical colleagues I had loved working with. It was also a final parting from past relationships and in this sense the lyrics apply equally to my long dissolved marriage and the end of my first post marriage romance. Despite this it is not an expression of despair but rather a proclamation of hope for the future.


Down To Daisy (String Version): In 2002 I attended a composition class run by Clive Cockburn. During the course I scored one of my unrecorded pop tunes for strings. The result was performed once but never recorded. Roll forward to 2012 and I finally released the pop version on ‘The Mother Back To Strong Down’. Roll forward a bit more and I found myself working with strings again. I reworked the arrangement and Elios String Quartet recorded this version after the Darling, While You Sleep session at STL.


The Only Constant

Dedicated to Jureerat 'Emmer' Thiwato

25 June 1988 – 10 September 2013

Darling, While You Sleep

When The Bullshit Shows

Killing The Past

Down To Daisy (string version)

When The Bullshit Shows (radio version)

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Cover photo: Mark Brimblecombe

     Photo of Emmer: Gavin Burgess